Underwater Music

by DP Project

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Tracks 1-11 made on Friday August 24, 2007
Tracks 12-14 made on Wednesday August 29, 2007

very personal album


released October 6, 2007



all rights reserved


DP Project California

indie project by D. Patterson since 2003.
also release music as exnfox! and breakshitlive!

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Track Name: I Miss Her Tonight
I want you tonight
I am trying to make you happy
I'm trying so hard
Track Name: Don't Do This To Me
I Love You Please Don't Do This To Me
I'm Trying...I'm trying so hard...
(Don't Do This) (Don't Do This)
I don't want to lose you So Please
Don't Do This To Me
Track Name: Our Time Was Golden
I Look to the past
I wish for the future.
I cry all night and all day.

You cut me all up
and you put me back together
but it's that rusty dagger
that makes the pain stay and never leave.

I wish for the past.
Our future is gone.
He's so much better than me?
For I, I Am The Worst Ever

to you, I am just a meth addict.
Well I can change, can you?
Track Name: You Are Replacing Me
I I went back to that house
the one we grew up in
I miss you so badly.
Honey there's escape
there is no escape from me.

boy, i am so sorry for
doing this to you

I lost it all
with the down fall
of you on top of me
you, you pound that liquor into yourself
with your new friend that is replacing me
Track Name: Oh My God No
Oh My God No
She Is So Gone
I'll Try All Night
I'll Keep You Up

I- I am not the same
I've grown up. I've changed
I'm a better person

You don't want to talk to me, I tried.

I can't resist your beauty
You're so beautiful to me.

Oh My God No.
Track Name: You Are Giving Me Up
Ignoring Me Now
While you break my heart
I'm falling apart
And you wont even try

This is giving Me up

I'll Try Forever
And then I'll try some more.

but You Are Giving Me up
Track Name: I Know I'm A Liar
I Know I've Lied
I Know I've Broke Your Heart
I Know I've fucked you up
I Know I've done nothing good

But Baby I'm So Fucking Sorry
I will make it all up to you
You need your time but I need you

I Know I've Broken Your Trust
I know Your Love is a must
Baby You've Pounded My Heart Into Dust
but baby this is love and lust
Track Name: Have Fun, I Wont
I Hope You Have Fun Tonight
I Hope That I Don't Lose You Tonight

It's a chance that I can't take
But you make me anyways

I hope it's a really nice night
I hope you dont party all night
I hope you have some sense in your mind

Because baby i love you and Ill never stop
But I can only take so much.
Track Name: You Are Perfect
So In love with you
Don't you ever forget this
I want you to always know
even if we end up lost
I will still love you

I know we're not together
but i cant live like this

I wish you were a little nicer to me (the one you love)
I Love your eyes and I miss your perfect smile.
Track Name: For You
I walked to your house from mine
and then I walked it all back again
but the walking wasn't the hard part

I am in love with you
I am crazy about you
and I'd sell myself just to hold you again
I would fall off the ocean top for you
oh for you

and I swallowed all my pain
and I bottled it all up again

I am in love
I am a fool
But I know that I wont give up
for you.
Track Name: Waiting For You To Answer
so baby you are the one fucking up
why dont you throw yours in the cup
i'm not mad at your shit.
I'm not glad about his shit.

so i'll feed off the sinking feeling in my stomach uHHHH

You want revenge well when i'm gone
I wont avenge this I'll be out
and all the fucked up... all things she'll shout.

You are fucking up not me
I tried to keep you here
fuck maybe I'm the one who needs the beer.
I can tell you have some fear
in those eyes of yours
I hope you don't, dear
break this promise of yours.

So I'll take the train
and forget all of the pain
you've injected into these vains
maybe you'll be sorry for the neglection you have done to me.

I will stop
I am god
You are Pain
I lost my mind when I lost You

You stole my heart
you ripped it apart.

So will you regret not picking up your phone.
when I sit in my shitty town all alone at home.
Track Name: I'll Never Be Happy Again
So I wait for you to come back
I'll not get detached

but you are making this so hard
I wish I didn't have to drive so far
but i don't think that ill ever be happy again

I cant believe myself for what ive done
I can't believe you are making the mistakes that i have

ill keep trying to get you back "Why?" oh
oh even though I don't see it happening
but when I close my eyes I see your beauty
I see that perfect smile of yours
and i cry all night.
Track Name: Take Me To The River
She takes you down to the river
and she holds your head under the water

I tried so fucking hard and i got nothing
I fucking I cant forgive myself

I tried to win you back
But all I did was make you hate me
You get annoyed by the sound of my voice
So why don't you listen to these fucking songs
and then Ill cry for weeks.
Track Name: I Guess I Fucked Up
I hope that one day
you will come back to me /./
and as I spill my guts to you
over the phone
I feel so hurt inside
and you wont even reply

So I guess this means your finished
with me
so I guess this means your finished
loving me
So I guess I'm Done
feeling emotions

so you think im so crazy
because I call
well baby try again
because I'm not insane I just want your love
I want to feel no pain

So I guess this means your done
with me
I guess this means you'll change your number
on me
So I guess I'm going to have to
pretend to be
somebody else
with no feelings.